The MVP team evaluates and treats vision problems that interfere with patients’ abilities to read, learn, and function in their daily lives.

The demands of today’s society greatly stress our vision systems. Children and adults alike are constantly using their near vision in school, workplace, and home environments. Today, we are required to deal with sustained, near visual tasks, spending much of our day on computers, phones, gaming systems, e-readers, etc. This results in many symptoms and problems which, in the case of children who do not know any different, often go undetected or treated. Many people, even those who have 20/20 eyesight, need to build their visual skills through NEURO-OPTOMETRIC REHABILITATION.

MVP specializes in building strong visual skills, including: eye teaming, eye tracking, eye focusing, visual information processing, and visual motor skills. We carefully design an individualized Neuro-optometric rehabilitation program to incrementally build upon your current visual skills, helping you achieve and excel to your highest potential.

Those who benefit include people of all ages with visual dysfunctions, including: